My name is Ruth, I’m a recent – how the time flies! – transplant to a small town in Iowa, having lived here for the past six nine years. I’ve been collecting dolls of all ages ever since I learned that a mere mortal could actually own these wonderful pieces of history, but my main passion is composition dolls from the 1920s and ’30s.

My goal when I receive a well-loved doll is never to make them perfect or like new. For example, I don’t own an airbrush. To me, completely airbrushing a doll would be like stripping and refinishing a fine antique piece of furniture. (I can hear those twin brothers on “Antiques Roadshow” throwing up their hands in horror.) When it comes to dolls, I would be their triplet.

When I repair them their history still shows. And when I make dresses for them, I use old fabrics and trims and even make little leather shoes to match. I make patterns myself for each little girl and use them only once, and I let the doll herself tell me what they want to wear. I’ve sold dolls under the names “adamsmom1” and “magic_elizabeth” on ebay and they did quite well.

Throughout my life I’ve frequently been told that I’d be a good writer. Why not combine two of my loves, writing and dolls? This series of books is all about restoring. Restoring love, restoring life, restoring dolls, and most of all, restoring the Magic of Childhood.

Write to me at I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Sue Ann Blott says:

    Greetings Ruth! Hope your Christmas was Merry! You know we are ALL anxious to view your next OLD doll! So hope it’s SOON? Have a Happy & Blessed New Year…cause you are MY favorite! Doll Hugs, Sue Ann

  2. Lara says:

    Hi, Ruth! I’m writing an article for my website about Sears houses in children’s books and happened to stumble across your website. Can you please contact me through ?

  3. Ruth..i saw a Hazel doll that was wearing a brown flowered 1700s era dress with fabric remarkable similar to Claires dress on Outlander. Where did you find the fabric? I was working on several dresses from the series and am stumped by this fabric. Let me know how you got it!! Also would love to meet up with you..i live in NW Missouri! Thanks

  4. Joy says:

    That Safari outfit is FABULOUS…Do you sell any outfits? I have several Anne Shirley’s screaming for it…..

  5. Ruth says:

    Greetings, Joy! I LOVE Anne Shirleys! If I were faster at sewing, you BET I would sell them! Unfortunately if I did, they’d cost a GAZILLION dollars, because I take so very long. However! You can go to my videos on YouTube (search Hazel Twigg), and I tell you how you can easily make clothes yourself – without having to buy any patterns! And I bet you’d be faster than ME.

    Cheers and thanks!


  6. Susie DuVall says:

    Dear Ruth,
    You don’t know me at all, but I have followed you faithfully and oohed and aahed over the wonderful work you have done with BEAUTIFUL O.L.D.S. for the longest time. Now, I’m worried, and I have been for some time.
    Please tell me you are OK.
    Thank you

  7. Nark Royer says:

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting blog. I was interested in the pinterest picture with two composition hands where you repaired the fingers. Do you have a tutorial for this? or a recipe for the “composition” you use? I belong to a doll club and we have been looking for the material to do this, Please advise. thank you

  8. Lisa Bordon says:

    I can’t find the place where you tell how to repair fingers on composition dolls. Your site is wonderful! Thank you.

    • Ruth says:


      My sincere apologies for being away so long! Summer’s are a tricky time, and I often do other things and don’t sign on forever. Mea Culpa! The post is called “First, Do No – WHOOPS!” and here’s a link:

      I’ll send you an email as well. Again, truly sorry.

      Hope it’s not too late to help!


  9. Donna Kraus says:

    I just watched your video on cleaning dolls with Elmer’s Wood Filler. Does the wood filler fill in fine craze lines?

    Thank you so much !!!!!!!

  10. Erika Jorquera R. says:

    Hola Ruth , soy Erika de Chile, me ha encantado tu página y tus trabajos, pero he buscado una reparación de manos en tu pagina , y no la encuentro , será posible que me puedas ayudar? tengo una muñeca de porcelana , no es antigua , pero es bonita, y tiene , dos dedos rotos de una mano y una pierna, he visto que se hacen moldes de silicona me puedes aconsejar? lo que no me resultaría sería la mano , pues quedadría con dos manos iguales , sugerencias? bueno , espero estés, cuidándote del covid, saludos desde Chile , Erika

    • Ruth says:

      Greetings, Erika! I took your message to Google translator, and hope you can do the same.

      Here’s my post on finger repair: First, Do No – Whoops!. I personally don’t make molds, preferring to just sculpt instead. Depending on the size of the fingers, you may not need wire inserts. In the post I use a product called, “Milliput.” I now use a product called “Apoxie” instead. It’s a two part compound that dries ROCK HARD. You can find it HERE. I use pink. It’s awesome! You can also just use a modelling compound like “Sculpey” or the equivalent, which is found at most craft stores.

      I then paint the finger using those common little 2 ounce craft paints like Apple Barrel or Delta and finish it off with a craft varnish.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write, let me know if you have further questions, and feel free to write again!



  11. Sherry Anderson says:


    I have a small doll that one of our neighbor dogs chewed the hand and foot. I’ve look to find replacement parts, but am not finding anything online!

    This doll was my mother’s and isn’t over 20 years old, but it is special to my 6 year old grandson, Davis. He has not seen the doll in its current condition and I’d like to get it fixed if I can.

    Do you fix these types of things?
    Thanks for any advice you can give. I can send you pics!

    • Ruth says:

      Greeting, Sherry! Hope your grandson isn’t all grown up already! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I got a new job and have barely been on my computer! Yes please, DO send pics. I don’t do repairs for others, but I’d be super willing to give you my best advice and do everything else possible!

      Send any pics and future messages to

      Hope you see this, and can’t wait to see!

      Most Sincerely,


  12. Sandy says:

    What kind of paint did you use to make her fingers the same color?

    Thank you so much!

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