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ChairAh, Chapter Five! I’ll never forget an estate sale I went to at a 1970’s-style house, full of knick-knacks and furniture, all somewhat nice, but all overpriced.

In the center of the living room there sat a Chair, proudly and in a place of glory, with a price tag like everything else. Not a “Free” sign. It wasn’t out by the curb for garbage day.

Because on that chair, there were stains. STAINS, on the head and arm rests! As if it were no big deal! As if no one would notice or care! What tales could that chair have told? Clearly, it had been someone’s favorite.

Chair1So when it came time to pick the ultimate prize for Smith and Jones, something large and wonderful, I thought of that proud Chair.

Smith and Jones wouldn’t feel revulsion at its appearance, no. Quite the opposite. Infinity. Chapter five was so much fun to write, and it was one of those chapters that if you happened to be walking by my house when I wrote it, you would have heard me gleefully cackling.

Lastly, in my original text, whenever I wrote The Chair I had it in French Script font, thusly:


I liked the way it conveyed how Smith and Jones felt about that chair. Unfortunately, it messed up the spacing of the sentences, so with an ever-so-slightly-broken heart, we went with italics instead.

And that is the tale of The Chair. And The Race to get it.


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2 Commentsto About…Chapter 5 The Race

  1. Dennis Agle says:

    It is sad that sometimes art must make way for reality. But the problem is reality is what it is, reality. But don’t stop trying to express your artistic feelings. That is your reality.

    • Ruth says:

      So true! My hope is that perhaps when we go to print, something can be done, like a slightly different font so it fits with the rest.