A…BOUT and a Teaser, Two Bits!

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My Wizard brother Dennis has been at it again (I think he just likes to think of me in that dark, cold closet, trying not to drop my muffling pillow whilst holding the flashlight and my tablet contraption).

HERE is the teaser for Chapter 4, Stuffed:

Ta-dah! THANK YOU, Dennis!

And now…About Chapter 4 The Appointment.

wonkapigThere really isn’t too much of my own personal life in Chapter 4. All except for the name of Marlene’s perfume, Fleur de Cochon. As many of you may or may not know, I come (quite proudly) from a Mormon background and both my brothers happened to serve missions in French speaking countries, one in Haiti and one in Canada.

Of course they taught their dear sister some French! It was a single, elegant line (I’m going to type this phonetically):

Je ne suis pa pate cochon!

I mastered it beautifully until it rolled off my tongue as if I were a native. “What does it mean?” I delightedly asked.

“Um,” my elder brother replied, “It means ‘I am not a little pig’.”


So it may be a little juvenile on my part, but the English name of Marlene’s perfume is Flower of Pig.


From THIS…

wonkaThe other thing I want to say about writing or acting or any artistic endeavor that’s shared with the world is this: frequently I am reminded of that scene in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” where the Oompa Loompas take a giant candy bar and using Willy Wonka’s special camera, transport it over the air until it turns into a regular-size candy bar on your living room TV.


…to THIS little thing, right here!


“Muff a mishoo!”

That was a whole lotta chocolate for that one little thing!

Art is like that, I think. A lot goes into it in the fervent hope that by the time it gets to you there might be something substantial enough to entertain you when it enters your brain. That is my hope, anyway! Chocolate! Chocolate for ALL!

I had an absolute hoot writing this chapter with Maxwell and Marlene. A giant candy bar’s worth! I hope you at least get a mouthful of chocolate out of the deal.

Tomorrow’s Nina vs. Ruth battle will be an especially good one. Hope you tune in!

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2 Commentsto A…BOUT and a Teaser, Two Bits!

  1. Mama J says:

    That taste of chocolate was YUMMY!

    • Ruth says:

      Hope this works! Yesterday I wasn’t able to respond for some reason. The computer must be allergic to candy!

      I LOVE YOU, MOM!