A Tale of Two Trains

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MathAmaASome of you have wondered about the new “math problem solving” in the comments section. Quite honestly, when I would frequent other bloggers sites and encountered similar things, I would wonder myself. How annoying! Is all this hoop jumping absolutely necessary? Can the problem REALLY be that bad?

Turns out, YEP. While I was gone, there were over three hundred spams on my own little blog waiting for approval. All well and good, just delete them, right? B-but! What if I missed an actual comment from one of you? My heart, it would surely break! Plus, they just kept coming, and coming…

I therefore decided to put together this filmstrip-like brief explanation (now that I know how it is) in a manner that will hopefully easily and fully explain why.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NO such thing as RIFF-RAFF when it comes to hearing from any of YOU. I LOVE when you comment! This was simply in keeping with the Mozart/Salieri theme from the 1984 movie “Amadeus,” one of my favorites back then.






And now you know…the Rest of the Story.

See you at Greater Rolfe Days!

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5 Commentsto A Tale of Two Trains

  1. Dennis Agle says:

    Thank you for explaining the mystery. Yesterday I tried to sent my message but it wouldn’t let me so when I went back I saw this box I had to give a answer, so I did, but I didn’t know why and know I do!

    • Ruth says:

      Dad, you’re the one that helped me in the first place. When I expressed the problems we were having with Spam, you said, “Filter.” I clung to that word and repeated it to Dennis (trying to sound as if I knew what I was talking about – but I gave you full credit), and that’s what led to the math!



  2. Michele Hernansen says:

    Sorry to give you a bad time during your healing process. I totally understand why you need to do the whole math thing. Evil spammers! Nice work on the film strip. It was really cool!

    • Ruth says:

      Aw, you didn’t! I myself got a little grumbly when I had to actually get out a CALCULATOR, fer cryin’ out loud! I could not for the LIFE of me remember what 9 x 9 equaled! Turns out, 81…

      SO GLAD YOU STILL COMMENTED and hope you continue!