A Goose Walks Into a Classroom…

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1pygalI don’t know where exactly I saw it, but I thought it was the cutest idea ever, and I kept it in the back of my mind to use one day; in an elementary classroom there was a life-sized statue of a goose. The goose had different outfits in anticipation of different holdays. What fun! For the children especially! Holidays bring us all together and are a good source for many of the traditions we hold dear. Anticipation of those holidays is half the fun! Wouldn’t that be a great idea for an O.L.D.?

The time had finally come. O.L.D. No. 68, third in the Sewickley Series, was going to be my goose. She’s a Patsyette doll from the Effanbee Patsy family measuring a mere 9″. You can see her adoption page HERE.



I confidently sat down and decided which holidays I wanted to do. Ideally, I would have liked 12 altogether; one for each month. Alas, holidays don’t always fall in line that way. I narrowed it down to seven logical choices and got down to business.

First up, Thanksgiving. This would be a cinch! I’d do a witch for Halloween, and they could both share the same basic black linen dress! PIECE OF CAKE.

“Oh. Hmm….” I thought to myself in my musical voice. Turns out, a pilgrim is pretty dull in color. Only black and white! You know what’s not dull in color? A TURKEY. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I kind of made one up as I went. I chortled as considered making a tiny axe for Patsyette to carry too, but was stopped by a horrified mayor. “No!” she cried. I listened.

1pyhaMaking the Thanksgiving outfit with the addition of the turkey took longer than I thought it would. No worries! Halloween would be a breeze. After all, I already had the witch’s dress! Then I decided that since the Pilgrim had a turkey, the Witch should have a cat. This time, I found a pattern I liked. Excellent! This should be no problem at all…

1pych1The instructions were in Japanese on a Spanish speaking blog. “That’s okay, I’m a visual person…” Still, it took me awhile to realize that the step-by-step pictures started on the right side of the page and moved downward and then towards the left. This still would have been okay. Alas, I started out with black velvet. It proved too much of a slippery bear to sew for something so small. All this realization didn’t happen at once. It took all day! WHOOSH. Another day lost. I started the cat over with wool felt the next day and finally finished. Time for Christmas…

1pyus123The elf ears were a late addition. I love them! Christmas went fairly smoothly. Maybe I could finish this thing! If there were ten days in a week, that is…

Nope! It was clear I was going to have to whittle the number of holidays down from seven to four. Since the ones I’d done so far were all clustered together in fall and early winter, I decided to do a 4th of July Patriotic costume so that Patsyette would have something to get her through the summer.

1pytag2The good news is, this leaves the door open for….ANOTHER GOOSE. The Mayor came up with an excellent idea for that future goose. I can’t wait! In the meantime…

Carole was adopted by Kathleen S. of Houston, Texas. A new mother! Of an O.L.D., at least. Thank you, Kathleen!

And with that, I leave you! Happy snowy spring, you’re my favorite.


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4 Commentsto A Goose Walks Into a Classroom…

  1. Deb Garber says:

    Wow you never let me down. I can’t wait to see what else you are going to create. Maybe I should have been a doll to see how you would have dressed me. LOL. Have a Blessed Easter!

    • Ruth says:

      Hah! You’d think I’d wear more interesting things, but nope! All I wear is black, black, black…Ah well!

      THANK YOU, Deb! Have a blessed Easter back!


  2. Nina (from Ukraine):))) says:

    Hello, Ruth! Happy Easter! You are create adorable creatures with dolls. I’ m so happy that i had a chance to work with you. You are so talent and positive person. Hope you are well!)))

    • Ruth says:

      NINA, my HERO!

      So good to hear from you! You’re a twinkle in my eye as I write. I cannot WAIT to work with you again!

      Happy Easter back (if it’s Easter in the Ukraine, that is) and CHEERS, my friend!