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Now, see? That title actually rhymes, but you wouldn’t know it just looking at it. I’m constantly struck by how odd the English language is, and I have to tell myself over and over after looking at a single word for awhile as I ponder and wonder that it IS spelled right and that it WON’T look funny to most just looking at it.

There are also the undefined barriers of language and culture with Nina and I. For example, if I send her a sketch entitled “Pioneer Girl,” will she know what a pioneer even is? I wouldn’t if I were her! So when I sent this:

HT-053 Pioneer NGI also sent this:

HT-053 Pioneers




And this:HT-053 The Pioneers

…and a little history.



Nina nailed it!

A mothball scented, lumpy cupcake-bearing Pioneer Girl. She may just as well tape a note that said “Kick Me” permanently onto her back.





Here’s another:

To Hazel’s surprise, Ruth wasn’t screaming at them all to run out of the house to escape being burned alive. Instead, she sounded rather calm.



Nina’s sketch:



HT-055 Needle in a Haystack NGThe next!


“So what happened to you, Pinky? Where you kidnapped?” Dot asked, her eyes wide.

Pinky smiled, her face a little pale. “No, I wasn’t kidnapped. A barn cat was chasing after a mouse and he knocked me out of the loft. I fell into a pile of hay below and rolled down into a corner.”


Nina’s sketch:


HT-056 The Swipe NG

And lastly:

“A little goes a long way,” Ruth said.

Hazel nearly “Hmpf’d!” out loud. She had watched closely! She knew what she was doing! She’d made that fire, after all…

“Oh, no!” Hazel gasped.

Pinky raised her remaining eyebrow in alarm. “What’s wrong?”

Nina’s new sketch:


Bless Nina’s gifted hands! And bless mine too, gifted or no. Because I feel so much better today. I was “off my meds,” so to speak, and now I’m BACK, baby! And ready To GO.

Bless YOU most of all!

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