A Face In The Crowd

Things are trickling in illustration-wise, but they’re coming, all the same! Which, given the circumstances…

Chapter 21 A Place For Everything. Here’s “Before The Fall.”

HT-047 Before The Fall NGJones remembered with heartbreaking clarity sitting there just yesterday, snickering at the still-on-his-feet Smith, fresh scrapes on the floor from the chair having been moved over the dividing line to HIS side of the basement. The only thing that would have made things better was if the chair would have swiveled. But since it did not, Jones angled it just so, so that he could watch Smith’s face as he SAT. And reclined, let us not forget that.

Then, because the Boss had been so thrilled with his work, a feature of the chair even better than swiveling had been revealed: A cup holder. The armrest miraculously flipped open, and tears of joy came to Smith’s eyes upon seeing it. The tears freely flowed when he was presented with a grape soda. It was warm and half gone, and a few crumbs littered the surface, but it was now his.

Nina’s sketch:

Sk_HT_47The only thing we wanted added was a flipping lid to the glorious cup holder. Here’s the premiere of the color version!

HT_47Excellent job as always, Nina!

Next, here’s my sketch for Chapter 23 Leap of Faith, entitled “The Leap”:

HT-050 The Leap NGRuth then closed her eyes, and threw her head back, and fervently with all of her heart made that unusual sound. Half yodel, half siren.

Then she took a step forward, addressing the heavens. “That’s for you, grand – !”

The gathered crowd screamed, and there were people rushing in from all directions, only to be frantically held back by the pastor and the deacon so that no one else would suffer Ruth’s fate. For Ruth’s part, she pretended to have fainted slumped down there in that large, rectangular hole, telling herself over and over that she was just playing an extreme version of hide and go seek. And truly, she was a little hurt. The brass stands that held the velvet rope had fallen on top of her and narrowly missed her head. Thankfully it had  not struck her yet that she would not be seeing what remained of her family for the foreseeable future, when now more than ever she needed them the most.

By the time a rescuer joined her in the ground to help her back up to the earth’s surface, there was no sign of Olivia and Hazel.

Here’s Nina’s initial sketch:

Sk_HT_50We asked for more people in the crowd. Nina obliged, because she is awesome:

Sk_HT_50B-1And here’s the finished drawing in color!

HT_50What I love is that as always, Nina gives us what we want and then goes a step further. I love that you don’t spot Hazel and her mother right away. Nina also put A Face in the Crowd that has some significance to Ruth’s future. Without being asked! She just does! Thank you, Nina.

And thank YOU, friend! Have a great weekend, because YOU DESERVE IT.

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