July, 2019

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The Face-in-the-Hole Gang

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Painted a year or two after I moved here in 2006.

This morning there was a whiff of coolness in the air. MAGIC!! I woke up with a spring in my step, finally ready to get back into that sewing room that I love so much. Especially since wee Julie tells me that school in Iowa starts August 23. THAT’S EXACTLY ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. Yikes! If I’m going to have a “Patriotic Summer Drummer,” then I’d better hurry!

In the meantime, here’s one of the projects I was busy with this summer. Years ago, possibly over a decade, I painted a face-in-the-hole board with a pirate and a mermaid for some sort of town function.

The Official Poster

Then a few weeks ago I was asked if I’d do a new one for the Rolfe Library’s Summer Reading Program. The theme was “A Universe of Stories.” You betcha!

But they decided that they didn’t want me to paint over the pirate and the mermaid (which I was totally prepared to do), they wanted me to paint the other side. Absolutely!

The problem was, I would need to work with the existing holes which were somewhat close together. I came up with a few different sketches.

I traced the two face openings as they existed onto different sheets of paper to see which one I liked best. Which one would YOU have picked?

For me the one where both kids would get to be driving space ships would be the best! It was tricky getting two spaceships to fit into such a confined space, but with a little work I was able to do it, using the poster from the program for inspiration. Voila!

Still, not that exciting, right? GUESS WHAT? Cute little faces in it make ALL the difference:

SO MUCH BETTER. My cute neighbor Sarah M. sent this of two of her grandkids. NOW I can see the magic of it! Thanks, neighbor Sarah!

Hope your summer’s going well! You’re my favorite.

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