May, 2014

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Iowa! The Adventure Continues…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is an excerpt from an email I sent to my New York friend last night. You have no idea what you’re missing out on! Pages and pages of tales! Here’s just one (lucky you!):

This morning I was playing fetch in the backyard with Teddy, and I looked over and there was one of these huge woodpecker birds with the red head and the black and white speckled body lying dead at the base of one of my trees. Of course, I felt badly for the bird. However! I cannot handle handling dead things. Luckily, my cats weren’t interested. That would have been traumatizing!

ice2I told Julie and zip! Scott, bless his heart, came right over. He asked for a bag, I gave him three, requesting that the bird be triple bagged (otherwise I would not be able to throw any garbage away in the garbage can, knowing that I would see the dead bird in there). He kindly obliged.

Well, today’s a windy day and as frequently happens, my garbage can tipped over. Usually in my garbage can there are little bags of Teddy poops from when I walk him, so when I saw that a bag had blown out I blithely went over to pick it up and throw it back away.

ice3Then I saw the triple bagging.

ice1tACK! I got a snow shovel to try and scoop it up, which didn’t work, the thing kept rolling. So I got an ice breaker and tried to scoop it up that way. Success!

Just as I finally got it onto the blade, I heard “CAW!”

I screamed and nearly dropped the bag! SURELY NOT. It was hours later, and both my cats had walked right up to the bird and it had no reaction at all!

It must have been a bird nearby. A bird with uncanny timing! It couldn’t possibly have been the dead bird’s spirit. Or that the dead bird had actually only been in a coma and had just now woken up!

Surely Not.

And that is my exciting story for the day. My life is an adventure, as you can tell…


This is an ice breaker. It has some weight to it. Very handy for wielding up and down when winter is frigid and you’ve had an ice storm.

Addendum: I have no idea what killed that bird. There wasn’t a mark on him – from what I could tell from ten feet away, which is the closest I would get until he was triple bagged.

The tree that he was at the base of is half dead, having been struck by lightning a few years before. Now, my theory, which I shall have to work around because I have been BANNED from saying the “B” word ever again from my brothers, is that, um, BUTTERFLIES live in dead trees! Or so I’ve heard. Perhaps the bird was pecking away and has the same phobia as I! Perhaps he was startled by a colony of butterflies emerging from the dead part of the tree and he fell, striking his head on a root!

That’s just a theory, of course…

And on THAT note, happy Wednesday!

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Button, Button, Who’s Got the BUTTON?!

Before you read any further, you must make a promise: Nobody tell my mom!


Buttons in jars. It’s almost like candy!

Okay? All right. Here goes:

When my mother was here, she neatly organized my buttons. She would spend the day organizing my things here in my sewing room, and at night she would sit at the mayor’s house (aka Julie’s) and sort through my buttons that she took home with her, neatly arranging them into little ziplock baggies purchased just for that very purpose.

“Now, the ones there. Those are just for decoration, right?” she asked me when observing the buttons in my cabinet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANope! I use ’em! I also use the ones now neatly sorted in the little shoebox bin. And I have others stashed here and there, too. I am rich in buttons! HOWEVER. As anyone who sews or is a fabric hoarder (as am I) knows: You Can Never Have Enough Buttons and/or Fabric. Not only that, as much fabric or buttons as you have, sometimes you can search through your stash in all its nooks and crannies, and still not have quite the right thing you’re looking for.



So imagine my thrilleration when at an estate sale in a barn I stumbled upon a mid-size bin of sewing supplies, with mostly buttons! I snatched it up for a modest sum and happily carted it home.

A few hours later I was at the moving sale of a friend. We shall call her “Joni”, for that is her name, and guess what? She presented me with a box consisting entirely of buttons! Just because she knew I would enjoy them and get some use out of them!

I have such good friends.


Little Sunny ever-so-gently blackmailed me into putting her in these button photos. “It would be thuch a thame if your mom found out!” Of course, she said it with a smile, so I didn’t mind.

The following morning before heading off to work (I have a few odd jobs here and there), I allowed myself fifteen minutes to sort through the buttons from my friend. What treasures I found!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese metal flower buttons are my absolute favorites so far. They’re like works of art in themselves! Some lucky O.L.D. will get them on her frock or coat or hat. Sometime soon, I’m certain of it! As soon as the right little girl comes along:



Here are some other great finds:


I see choices for a nurse, a flapper, a nature lover…the possibilities are endless!

I will search through these little vintage treasures sort them and organize them and put them where I know exactly where they are.

My chances of finding just the right button have greatly increased. I can always use more! And it’ll be our little secret.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunny Joy who is really quite sweet finally has her full complement of photos and her description. In it, I mention her flaws:

“She has a lisp, but she will probably outgrow it. Also, she’s short. Even Dot can look down on her, which she very much enjoyed!”

You can see her adoption page HERE.

Together Again

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Wednesday, May 30th, Once-Loved Doll No. 2, Emily Grace was adopted by the very same Anne S. of Tennessee that adopted O.L.D. No. 1, Carol Jane!

Emily Grace will be making her way to Tennessee this very morning. I’m so very glad I got this photo of them together before Carol Jane left! They had formed quite a bond while they were here and were sad to part and insisted, thank goodness. What a very happy ending to their story!

Of course, it’s also just the beginning…

And on that note, happy Friday!

P.S. I’m not saying my “winter legs” were hairy, but since I shaved them, I notice I’m able to walk a lot faster…


Waffles! I Want WAFFLES!

wafflesI swear, that’s what I heard Sunny Joy say. ‘Cept, it was more like “waffleth,” for the little thing has a lisp.

This was night before last. I couldn’t understand why she wanted waffles, especially since it was night, but I once again could not say no to that little face.

Even when I found out I was out of mix.

“Waffleth!” she cried again.

Actually, they sounded pretty good. So I made waffles. The house smelled heavenly. It took me awhile to find Sunny Joy. She was in the living room, which isn’t far from the kitchen, but at just over 12″, Sunny Joy is small. She was playing with her new salmon pink hat, trying it on at different angles and tucking her hair up and down.

waffleI proudly presented her with a nice hot (small) plate of waffles. Actually, it was just one waffle. And really, it wasn’t even that. By now I’ve gotten pretty good at judging how much each little doll can eat, based on their size. I figured nine squares total, three squares by three squares, so about a quarter of a waffle would be about right.

So there I stood with my little plate of waffle, leaning down so that she could see it and coaxing her into the dining room. She gave me a blank stare.

“No, waffleth!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt took awhile, but I finally figured out what it was she wanted. RUFFLES. On her purse! I spent all day yesterday working on a purse for her. A purse with ruffles. But I ran out of time. I had made a vow that I would always have at least one doll up for adoption at all times, no matter what, and Emily Grace’s time was almost done. So I had to stop sewing and put Sunny Joy up for adoption mid-finishing. With just one photo. So far, of course!

I also had to rush her lips. I think I’m going to redo them, and not quite so shiny and a little bit more of her original orangey red. The touch up by her eye turned out fine.

I’m also going to finish that ruffley purse. If you’ll notice, there is a strap showing. Trickster! That is indeed just a strap!

So today holds ruffles and a few finishing touches and more photos and then Sunny Joy will be fully ready to go and content.

I hope.

You can see her page HERE.

Happy Friday Eve Day!